7 Charts Showing How IP Strengthens Our Economy

7 Charts Showing How Intellectual Property Strengthens Our Economy
From: David Kappos

The intellectual property debate can be complicated. But the simple truth is IP means jobs, prosperity and innovation.

It seems like every day there is new research or arguments that support calls for changes to the IP system generally, and the patent system in particular, or oppose them. And in the big picture – between all the talk about patent trolls, patent litigation, and patent reform – it’s easy to forget just how important patents in particular, and IP generally are to our economy and jobs.

The reality is that the economic success of the United States is deeply rooted in the history of American innovation. Our economic security depends increasingly on developing innovative products and services that are protected by a world-class intellectual property system, which creates value for innovation.

Protection for IP has propelled our economy to new heights for more than 200 years, cementing America’s place as the world’s top innovator with products like the automobile, the desktop computer, and cutting edge medicine.

Here are seven charts that show the impact IP has on jobs and the American economy:

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